DTMF 4 CH key switch

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This kit lends itself to countless applications where control is required (Bistable or monostable ON / OFF) remotely of any electrical - electronic circuit. It has four independent channels that can be activated separately. It is possible to connect to the BF output of any UHF, VHF, HF receiver or transceiver or to any low frequency line. Its operation is very simple: sending a series of 6 DTMF tones in the right sequence and in a given time interval it is able to close or open the contacts of a relay which in turn can drive any equipment. To confirm the command received, the circuit will generate a note lasting a few seconds, available on pin 1 of the SV2 connector, which can be sent to a transmitter that tells us the command has been received, while an output is available on SV2 pin 5 open collector which will close to earth with a maximum current of 100 mA useful for sending an RTX in transmission (be careful if you connect an inductive load such as a relay, remember to put an inverse polarized diode in parallel with the relay itself) the immediate destruction of the transistor).


Manuale (INTERRUTTORE_A_CHIAVE_DTMF_smd_4_ch.pdf, 31 Kb) [Download]