PVC trunking 24x14(0.6mm) 2m - pack of 50

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PVC trunking 24x14(0.6mm) 2m - pack of 50

Our PVC trunking is the ideal solution for organizing and protecting your cables in an efficient and tidy way.
With dimensions of 24x14 mm and a thickness of 0.6 mm, this conduit is designed to offer resistance and durability over time, maintaining a discreet and space-saving profile.


  • Versatility : Suitable for home and professional use, ideal for hiding and organizing electrical cables, network cables, telephone cables and much more.
  • Protection : PVC material protects cables from physical damage, dust and moisture, helping to extend their life.
  •  Tidy Aesthetics : Keep your work or home environment clean and tidy, avoiding visible cable tangles.

Typical Applications

  • Offices
  • Private homes
  • Professional studies
  • Commercial spaces

Main features

  • Brand: Power-it
  • EAN code: 8053323554424
  • Dimensions: 24x14 mm
  • PVC thickness: 0.6mm
  • Duct length: 2m
  • Quantity in the package: 50 pieces
  • Material: High quality PVC
  • Fixing: With holes
Integral cardboard packaging