SATA cable 75cm

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SATA cable 75cm

The 75 cm SATA 150 cable is a reliable connector designed to optimize data transmission within your PC. With a length of 75 centimetres, it offers the flexibility to connect SATA devices, such as hard drives and optical drives, allowing for tidy management of components inside your case.

The cable features standard SATA connectors on both ends, ensuring a secure and stable connection between devices. Its data transfer speed allows for a smooth flow of information between your hard drive and other storage devices, helping to maximize your system's performance.

The high-quality coating and design of the internal conductors ensure loss-free data transmission and long-lasting wear resistance. This SATA 150 cable is the ideal choice for those looking for a reliable solution to optimize the connection between the components of their computer, ensuring clean management and efficient operation of the system.


  • EAN code: 4016032121695
  • Length: 75cm
  • Connectors: standard SATA
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SATA cable 75cm

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