DVD movie Negima! Magic Master - Magic 2

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Film DVD Negima! Maestro di magia - Magic 2

DVD movie Negima! Magic Master - Magic 2

A young 10-year-old wizard apprentice, Negi Springfield, originally from Wales, at the conclusion of his first cycle of studies, he is sent to complete his apprenticeship in Japan with the role of English teacher at the Mahora Women's Institute. The middle school class that is assigned, even if initially only provisionally, is the 2nd A, made up of thirty-one girls.

As much as he needs to keep a secret about being a magician, Negi is immediately discovered by one of his students, Asuna Kagurazaka. The girl initially considers Negi unpleasant, due to her particular ability to often embarrass her in front of her class or in front of the previous professor, Takamichi T. Takahata, with whom the girl is in love.
< br /> The 2nd A sees Negi initially only as a cute kid to have fun with rather than as their teacher or mentor and therefore he will have to earn respect for his students over time.

As in Love Hina, fanservice is a common aspect of the manga, the premise of which It is generally the spell of Negi "Flans Exarmatio", who, often going out of control, has the effect of pulverizing the clothes of the girls closest to him. There are also many double linguistic senses that are difficult to translate since the rendered sense is often heavier than the original intent.



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