Aroma diffuser with Grundig chromotherapy

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Diffusore di aromi con cromoterapia Grundig

Aroma diffuser with Grundig chromotherapy

Let yourself be caressed by the sweet fragrances emanating from this beautiful aromatic diffuser with LED lamp.
This aroma diffuser with moodlight lamp gives off delicious aromas that they caress the senses and make the room a real oasis for relaxation.
Furthermore, the pastel colors of the LED lamp make relaxation even more intense.

With a modern and elegant design, this lamp-diffuser will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the rooms of your home, helping you relax after a long day of stress.
Battery operated (not included) or through the appropriate cable with USB input.
Included in the package is present a 10ml bottle of aromatic oil. Enjoy the intense relaxation of this magnificent aroma diffuser.


  • < span style = "font-size: 14pt;"> EAN 8711252031682
  • Brand Grundig
  • Dimensions 175 x 110 x 110 mm < / span>
  • Weight about 0,621 KG
  • RGB light
  • Power supply: USB or batteries (not included)
  • Material: plastic
  • < / ul>

    Package contents

    < ul>
  • 1x Aroma diffuser with Grundig chromotherapy
  • 1x 10ml scented oil
  • 1x USB power cable


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