Kit 7 microphones for drums and music studio

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Kit 7 microfoni per batteria e studio musicale

Each microphone is It was designed and tested to capture the natural and battery tone.

The microphone set consists of a Q71 drum microphone, four Q72 microphones and two C02 condenser microphones.

< p style = "text-align: justify;"> Included with this set are multi-position rim clips and swivel mounts that allow versatile positioning to ensure optimal sound.

The set includes the Q71 bass drum microphone, four Q72 snare / tom microphones and a pair of matching C02 condenser microphones.

Each microphone contains a neodymium element mounted on shock and a precise porting of the capsule.

The Q71 manages high SPLs and provides the optimal frequency response to correctly capture the complete essence of your case.

The Q72 microphones reproduce the attack and the heat of your snare drum / tom with a natural and present tone.

C02 stylus condenser microphones highlight the brilliance of your cymbals and the full character of your drum performance when used as overhead.

Each microphone has a mounting system Durable and tested for performance that allows optimal placement for installation.The Q71 and C02 models are equipped with a swivel mount compatible with all standard microphone supports, while the Q72 microphones also include multi-position clips that are firmly fixed to the drum edges .

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