Webcam Cover Camera Cover Plastic Black 3 Pcs

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Cover per webcam Copertura della fotocamera Plastic Nero 3 Pz

This König webcam cover provides a simple and fully cyber-proof solution, being entirely mechanical and not controllable remotely. Given its size, the cover is particularly suitable for protecting the cameras of tablets, notebooks and smart TVs against hacker attacks.
We all protect our devices by regularly changing passwords, keeping the software up to date and lending attention to the applications we install. Yet, despite our efforts, there is a good chance that one day these security measures will fail, in light of the new viruses and spyware that are becoming more and more frequent and aggressive. Have you ever thought about what could happen if a hacker took control of your webcam? Imagine the whole world while accessing your most intimate moments without even touching your thoughts. 
Attach the webcam cover to the camera with its 3M adhesive. Then slide the disc to darken the camera. If, on the other hand, you want to take a selfie or other photos, you can remove the dimmer just as quickly, with all the flexibility that normal camera shutters don't offer.

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