PC video game - Wings Over Vietnam

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Videogioco PC - Wings Over Vietnam

Wings Over Vietnam is a flight simulator video game set during the Vietnam War, in a historical period that goes from 1964 to 1973.

Preview: November 8th 2004

Series: Third Wire-combat flight simulation

Designer: Tsuyoshi Kawahito

Developer: Third Wire

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Game Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer

The Vietnam War is a fascinating and little used setting for aerial combat simulations. The fighting technologies of the time were in a transitional phase. On the one hand the maintenance of subsonic and transonic air units that relied mainly on machine guns to take down enemy planes, and on the other hand, new supersonic models like the Phantom F-4, built as real launcher platforms, but these new technologies were not so effective As the designers had hoped, the American pilots found themselves facing the double threat of enemy aircraft designed for dogfighting and the most sophisticated network of anti-aircraft defenses the world had ever seen Wings Over Vietnam lets you experience much of the flavor of the conflict.