Mini toggle - push-button switches

by Admin W.E.B. srl
Mini toggle - push-button switches

• Major electronics makers value our vast product range
• We update our catalog with new models each year
• Our in-house design team is ready for OEM/ODM orders
• Custom prototypes can be completed promptly
• Goods undergo QC inspections at every production stage

Our product range includes

• Sealed mini toggle/push-button switches
• Auto parts
• Circuit breakers, fuse holders and sockets
• RF connectors
• Push/micro switches
• Rocker/toggle switches
• XLR/RCA connectors
• Binding posts/banana series
• Rotary/DIP/push/slide switches and DC jacks
• RF/BNC/SMA/MCX/MMCX/SMB/1.6/5.6/UHF/N/FME connectors