20 Pieces - Monitor Cable DVI digital M / M dual link 10 mt (DVI-D)

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20 Pieces - DVI digital monitor cable M / M dual link 10 mt (DVI-D)

DVI technology is very important because it increases the quality of the video signal without any loss of signal or information. In fact, there is no longer any analog / digital conversion, neither on the video card nor on the monitor, as the signal starts digitally from the new video cards (and also from new Intel motherboards) and goes directly to the LCD monitor in digital. / span>
The Microcross DVI connector family is based on an innovative technology that provides high electrical speed performance in a low cost connector. These and other benefits allow this system to be chosen as an interface to the Digital Diplay Working Groups and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standards. Systems with MicroCross DVI connectors provide high-frequency video bandwidth between the computer (host) and digital video devices (monitors).

Digital signal and dual link: allows the achievement of high digital transmission speeds (Single or Dual Link) at 4.95 Gbps or 9.9 Gbps
Analog coaxial lines: allows the achievement of high speeds for the analog signal up to 2.5 Ghz
Fully shielded: excellent EMI / RFI performance
High shielding: exceptional shielding that increases signal speed 
Rough contacts with LFH design: provides two points of contact for an optimal and intact signal reduces insertion force and ensures high reliability 
Plug & amp; Play: allows systems to be connected and disconnected without losing configurations or reconfiguring peripherals.
DVI digital to DVI digital cable 10 mt (DVI-D)
Connectors: 24 + 1 M / M