Padded multi-function backpack with blue-black USB combination

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Padded multi-function backpack with blue-black USB combination

Design and technology

With a compact and modern design, it has a large pocket accessible through a zip opening with a compartment for notebooks. Internally there are numerous open pockets designed to safely carry tablets, smartphones and power banks.
The backpack offers the possibility of connecting your power bank to a device via an integrated USB extension.
The power bank can be stored in an internal pocket and connected to the USB extension.
The device is connected to its own charging cable, connected to the external part of the extension.
There is also a strap inside useful for transporting clothes in an orderly fashion.
An internal elastic band also allows you to hold an umbrella or a bottle without to move in the backpack.





The main compartment hinges are located in the inside the backpack, the one closest to the backrest.
Thus, opening the backpack by an attacker is difficult, since there are no pockets easily accessible.
In addition, there is a combination lock system based on 3 digits.
The main hinges cover the whole body of the backpack, so that it is possible to open totally 180 180 while filling.
On the front there is a 4-part motif. The inserts between the latter are reflectors, useful for increasing visibility in low-light situations.




How to set the desired combination

  1. From a free position, in which the lock is unlocked (initially 0-0-0) hold down the PUSH button;
  2. Keeping the PUSH button pressed, rotate the disks and select the desired combination;
  3. Release the PUSH button. The combination is now set and the lock will only open when the correct sequence of numbers is selected.



The backrest has padding at shoulder and lower back.
The padded shoulder straps they offer excellent comfort and the adjustable straps allow you to adapt the backpack to your liking.
In one of the two shoulder straps there is a zippered pocket, useful for quick access to documents or small amounts of money.
The handle located in the upper part of the backpack allows you to carry it with just one hand.
The central strap allows you to attach the backpack to the handles a telescopic trolley, so that it can be easily transported.
A large pocket at the bottom of the back allows you to carry important documents or money safely.