Modeling knives 13-piece set precision blades

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Modeling knives 13-piece set precision blades

This is a perfect set for people who like to spend their time and are involved in small chores or any manual work.
The craft scissors in this highly practical set will be useful for both professionals and amateurs who like to practice their crafts to perfection and discover new methods and ways to express themselves.
Craft scissors are perfect for decoupage, for making your own scrapbooks and other activities that require a perfect cut.
The set contains up to 13 blades of various shapes with interchangeable blades in different shapes and colors. Different shapes allow you to easily match tools for your task, so all parts of the set will become more universal in different crafts.
The blades are very sharp and this guarantees the accuracy of your manual work. In addition to 13 different blades, you can find 3 handles of different sizes. Each of them will fit perfectly in your hand and will be easy to grasp and hold and will help you cut things perfectly.
It is very easy and quick to change the blades when placing them in the handles.
All shaping blades are packaged in a practical carrying case with magnetic panel. Each tool has its place and ensures that the tools do not scratch or damage each other in the box. You can keep everything in order. The case will allow you to store and transport the craft scissors. The whole set is easy to use and extremely versatile.


  • Manufacturer: Iso Trade
  • EAN number: 5902367977986
  • Supplier code: 00003311


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