Alkaline / manganese battery 27A 12V 19mAh Varta

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Alkaline / manganese battery 27A 12V 19mAh Varta

This battery high voltage is mainly used with medical devices, remote controls for central locking of cars, garage opening and much more.


  • High energy capacity
  • Reliable and long lasting 
  • Optimized for maximum performance

Specific he techniques

Size / format 27 A
Technology Alkaline / manganese
Voltage  12V
Capacity 19mAh
Alternative Names A27, E27A, V27A, V27PX, V27GA, L728, L828, MN27, G27A, GP27A
WE27A, CA22, UM27A, LR27A, K27A, 27AE, A27S, P27GA, EPX27
KX27, RPX27, HS3, NR43, EL812, EL821 2, R27A
Height 28mm
Diameter 7.7mm
Weight 4.4g
Content 1pc.
Refillable No
Dim. (Ø x H) 7.7 mm x 28 mm
Type product Special battery



Supplier Code: 04227.101.401
EAN code: 4008496747009