LED bulb for switch 6500K 220V

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LED bulb for switch 6500K 220V

Signaling led luminous for tilting controls with cold white LEDs.
Inside homes it may be useful to signal the start-up of an appliance or signal the position of a light point during the night (for example switches or buttons in corridors).
For this reason, some commands (switches, buttons, etc.) are designed for the installation of LED lights and are therefore defined as illuminable precisely because of the possibility of making them bright, according to one's own housing needs.


  • EAN code: 6970597463127
  • Model: 001B
  • Light color: cool white
  • Light temperature: 6500K
  • Input voltage: 220V 
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Compatible with Bticino Matix , Bticino Living I nternational, Vimar Plana etc
  • Cable length: about 10cm


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