Hot air station MCH 8586

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Compact design, anti-static construction.

Hot air station + soldering iron, digital led display, the two sections can be used independently without disturbing oneself, self-test function, fault indication on the display in order to stimulate and guide maintenance personnel.

Closed circuit control with temperature sensor and accuracy of the air flow.

Rapid heating, precision and thermal stability, SILENT turbine air system, possibility of unsoldering for QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA and other components.

Air gun outlet with vortex deflector system, connection to the machine body only with electric cable, no air hose!

Air station with automatic cooling system: the flow does not stop immediately but automatically when the air temperature is below 100Â ° C. Long lasting heating element.

Selectable temperature: 100Â ° C -500Â ° C

Temperature stability: +/- 5Â ° C

Air flow: 20L / min (max)

Component soldering station:

Operating voltage: AC26V 50Hz

Power consumption: 50W

Selectable temperature: 200Â ° C -480Â ° C

Temperature stability: +/- 2Â ° C

3 round nozzles included (5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm)


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