Solar 1.5 W pulse battery charger

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Caricabatterie solare da 1.5 W ad impulsi


Solar battery charger for 12 V batteries. Helps manage battery consumption in all seasons. It prevents the complete self-discharge of the battery thanks to the constant maintenance charge. The batteries discharge almost completely when a vehicle remains stationary for a long period of time, but with this charger you will no longer have this problem. A blue LED indicates whether the battery is charging or not and the resistant housing makes it suitable for all weather conditions. The charger is equipped with 2 pliers for the battery poles, a cigarette lighter connector and suction cups for easy mounting.
à ¢  €  ¢ Power: 1.5 W
à ¢  €  ¢ Output voltage : 12 V
à ¢  €  ¢ Trickle charging: Yes
à ¢  €  ¢ Suitable for: Various lead acid batteries

EAN: 5412810155439