Tecno vintage LED 6W E27 warm light 660 lumens Duralamp

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Tecno vintage E27 luce calda 660 lumen Duralamp


Tecno vintage LED 6W E27 warm light 660 lumens Duralamp

LED technology, combined with remote phosphor deposition technology, has made it possible to engineer a product consisting of a series of microleds, which optimize thermal management, placed on a glassy support and entirely covered by the phosphor powders which uniform, amplify and they diffuse the light.
Pleasant warm color of the light and filament effect: all the same as traditional incandescent lamps.
Excellent color rendering.
Excellent maintenance of color and constant light over time .
Classic shapes: immediate replacement of incandescent lamps in any decorative application: classic chandeliers, lamps, fixtures where the appearance and lamp design is important even when it is off.
Extremely low energy consumption


  • EAN 8011905841461
  • < li> Duralamp brand
  • Lamp voltage 220-240 V
  • Rated power 6 W
  • Corresponding power 51 W
  • E27 connection
  • Flux 660 Lumens
  • Warm light tones
  • Color temperature 2700 K
  • 360 ° beam aperture




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