Battery and energy storage battety manufacturer

October 16, 2023
Battery and energy storage battety manufacturer

IATF 16949/VDE/CE/UL/CB-certified professional LiFePO4 battery and energy storage battery manufacturer

• 10-year manufacturer, with annual production capacity of 2.56 GWh
• Professional R&D, electronic and design engineering teams
• Customization and sample orders accepted

High-voltage stackable LiFePO4 battery

• Nominal voltage: 153.6V-307.2V
• Battery module nominal capacity: 2.56 kWh
• Battery module nominal voltage: 51.2V
• Communication port: CAN/RS485
• Protection rate: IP55
• Parallel connection: 16 units

48V 100/200Ah wall-mounted LiFePO4 battery for residential energy storage system

48V 100/200Ah rack-mounted LiFePO4 battery for solar energy system