Kit 4 RGB strobe lights + DMX control unit + 3 m lights stand + 4 DMX cables

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Kit 4 RGB strobe lights + DMX control unit + 3 m light stand + 4 DMX cables

Complete lighting system that includes all accessories in a single package. It⠀ ™ s the smartest solution for all musicians, DJs and small rental companies.


The kit consists of from

  • Programmable 36W RGB LED strobe lights

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    RGB projector with 36 colored LEDs that emits light in flashes.
    The angle of projection of the light beam is approx. 25 degrees with 7 channel modes.
    Bracket included that allows positioning anywhere, even on the ceiling. Â
    It is ideal for clubs , pubs, discos and / or to organize a party at home, or simply to create the disco effect in your room. The lamp is equipped with a display on the back for program control.

    Technical features: Â

    • Â Â LED number: 36
    • Â Â Â 1Watt x Led - & gt; Tot. 36 Watt
    • Â Â Â Light: RGB (6R-6G-6B)
    • Â Â Â Sound sensor
    • Â Â Â Rear display
    • Â Â Â Soft mixing color
    • Â Â Â 7 channel modes
    • Â Â Â Pulse effect and strobe
    • Â Â Â Wide range of effects
    • Â Â Â light beam projection: 25Â °


    • DMX512 controller 192 channels

    Allows you to control any dmx equipment, such as spotlights, LED projectors, moving heads, scanners, lasers , smoke machines, fire machines and any device equipped with DMX input.
    192 channels with the possibility of controlling 12 units with a maximum of 16 channels each, 6 programmable chases with 240 scenes, 30 banks of 8 scenes, 8 sliders for manual control, automatic mode atica with the ability to control speed and fade between one scene and another, Master blackout button, ability to invert the channels of some equipment (eg. pan and tilt of the moving heads) to make them behave opposite to others during the execution of the chases, internal microphone, DMX polarity selector, 4-digit display.


    • Stand for Lights - LS-10

    Support for (T) lights, extendable up to a maximum of 3 meters.
    Easily folds away for transport and is ideal for the traveling DJ or for performances on small stages < / span>


    • 4 Pieces XLR male-female digital cable

    1 5 meter cable for connecting the DMX control unit to the first LED Par
    3 0.50 meter cables for connecting the cascade of LED Par