Wall TV Stand 23 - 55 "Max. 30 kg

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Supporto TV da Parete 23 - 55" Max. 30 kg

TV wall mount 23 - 55 "Max. 30 kg

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Product description

With this ultra-adjustable vertical wall mount for Nedis® TV, you can be sure that you have the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room.


Suitable for most flat or curved TV screens (from 23" to 55 ") and strong enough to hold TVs up to 30 kg, this incredibly easy-to-adjust vertical wall mount for TV offers all the flexibility you need to reduce glare on the screen and position the TV in the appropriate place.


Its vertical design allows you to easily position the TV at the perfect height. It is possible to change the distance from the wall between 61 mm and 565 mm, tilt the screen forward between 5Â ° and -15Â ° to minimize the reflection, rotate the screen 180Â ° complete to obtain the optimal viewing angle and rotate the TV from + 3Â ° to -3Â ° to align the screen according to the lighting conditions.


⠀ ¢ Suitable for most flat or curved 23 "to 55" TV screens, covers a wide range of screen sizes VESA
⠀ ¢ Vertical wall mount for TV: simplifies the height adjustment of the screen
⠀ ¢ Distance from the wall adjustable from 61 mm to 565 mm, for perfect positioning of the TV
⠀ ¢ Various other flexibility options for position adjustment d ello screen
⠀ ¢ Incredibly resistant, stable and robust: capable of supporting TVs up to 30 kg



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