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Film DVD - La maledizione di Komodo

Komodo's curse (The Curse of the Komodo) is an American horror film 2004 directed by Jim Wynorski, starring Tim Abell, Melissa Brasselle, William Langlois and Gail Harris.

Nathan Phipps is a researcher who lives with his daughter and an assistant on an island in the Pacific Ocean that performs genetic experiments on Komodo dragons. These behave very aggressively, especially at night, which leads Dr. Phipps (funded by the US navy) to build a special electric fence to defend himself from their attacks, when a group of robbers fleeing their last haul arrives on the island. blow. When some of the dragons start killing people, they try to run away from the island together. The group is however attacked by a giant Komodo dragon, and can do nothing but hope to reach the helicopter of criminals in order to save itself.

The film was produced by Royal Oaks Entertainment, directed by Jim Wynorski (credited as Jay Andrews) and shot in 2002 in Arcadia and Los Angeles, in California and Kaua'i, Hawaii.